• Rick Bayless

    Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultant

Rick Bayless offers the expertise, training and experience to enhance the efforts of medical professional to ensure that the home or work environment supports the optimum wellness of individuals with a health concern or serious illness.

While other services offered by A Healthier Home™ are designed to address  common unhealthy house conditions, the EnviroVention™ service is uniquely tailored to serve the intervention and correction needs of those with specific health concerns.

  • The systems of the built environment are analogous to the systems of the body.
  • When working within the built environment, we begin with a thorough examination, and recommend the least costly, safest measures to correct the most pressing health and safety issues first.
  • We understand each home or work space as a living, breathing ecosystem of support for the health of the individual.
  • Our goal is always to treat the environmental causes which can trigger illness, not simply cover the symptoms or indicators of the problem.
  • We want to know each client individually and as part of a personal or work family, not as their illness.
  • At the client’s request, we partner with health professionals to ensure your needs are met.

Each person is encouraged to be proactive when making intervention decisions and taking corrective actions to ensure their own health and wellness within the built environments in which they live, work and rest.

A Healthier Home™ is a happier home. Happy, proactive individuals and families have improved wellness outcomes.